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Fandom: Kuroko no Basket; Aomine, Kuroko, Momoi, Kise
Summary: OT4 writing, 50 sentences prompt taken from lj comm [community profile] 1sentence

01. Comfort
Aomine buries his head deeper into bright pink blankets and frilly pillows, inhaling in the scent of Momoi’s new perfume, and thinks drowsily, I’m home.

02. Kiss
When Kuroko offers a sip of his vanilla shake to Momoi, her knees melt and her heart explodes as she receives the cup with trembling hands, staring holes into the top of the straw that glinted bewitchingly in the sunlight.

03. Soft
Kise musses Kuroko’s hair, his fingers lingering at the edges of light blue strands, and he can’t help but think this is what falling on top of a cloud would feel like.

04. Pain
“I’m really, really sorry Kurokocchi! I won’t do it again, please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me—

05. Potatoes
Momoi scrolls through Oha-Asa’s horoscope of the week, muttering under her breath, “‘Potato-flavored Valentine chocolates will guarantee Taurus’s confession to Aquarius.’”

06. Rain
Kuroko sneezes, then a moment later says in a nasally voice, “Aomine-kun, I don’t think putting your umbrella over mine is going to do much.”

07. Chocolate
On Valentine’s Day, Kuroko stays home sick, Momoi cries into her desk, and Kise tries to comfort her while sampling what seemed to be a terrifying mix of burnt potatoes and spicy chocolate.

08. Happiness
“Oh wow,” he says, his face splitting into a wide, eye-crinkling grin, “Aominecchi really is the best!”

09. Telephone
Kise sets his ringtone to himself singing “sha-la-la” and is kicked and jabbed at repeatedly until he deletes the sound file.

10. Ears
Aomine grumbles the entire time Momoi gets her ears pierced, but he still holds her hand throughout the whole process without ever being asked to.

11. Name
“Dai-chan,” she says for the first time in what seemed to be years, and he feels something click into place inside of him.

12. Sensual
Kuroko holds out his hand, tracing with his eyes the spots where long, tan fingers had come in contact with, the feeling of warm, calloused skin on his own lingering for hours on end.

13. Death
She smiles as Kise praises her homemade chocolate, blissfully unaware of the unnatural green hue his face takes on as his quivering hand grips his equally quivering leg.

14. Sex
“Someone texted me saying that I look like a sex god, Aominecchi, how do you think I should replyOUCH, LET GO, LET GO!”

15. Touch
Kuroko stares as Momoi grabs desperately at thin air, murmuring “Dai-chan” in her sleep with a furrowed brow, and slowly reaches out to touch her fingers with his, whispering back, “You’ve done well, you’ve worked hard.”

16. Weakness
When Kise asked Aomine if he was ticklish anywhere, the tan boy flushed to his fingertips, cupped his hands around his ears, stammered his objections, and studiously avoided the blonde for the rest of the week.

17. Tears
Aomine will never understand how he managed to end up in the movie theatres watching Titanic while Momoi and Kise sobbed their hearts out into his sweater.

18. Speed
Kuroko never felt a need to be fast, not when he could easily pass by even Kise while hitching a ride on Aomine’s back.

19. Wind
Kise’s hair, she realizes with a deep pang of jealousy, would fall back in place even with a typhoon blowing right at him.

20. Freedom
Momoi doesn’t remember the exact moment she started to see shackles instead of wings, but she does remember the moment when Kuroko turns away, smiling bitterly down at his worn out shoes as he quietly gives in to the burden of his chains.

21. Life
Kise finds a policeman writing what looked suspiciously like a ticket in front of his car, but before he can protest, the tanned man looks up, blinks, and says with sigh, “I should’ve known.”

22. Jealousy
“Kurokocchi should support me too,” he grumbles, and the moment Kise looks up he sees an ignite pass hurtling towards his face.

23. Hands
“This is serious, Satsuki, you’re never going to get laid if you feel like you’re going to pass out just from holding Tetsu’s hand.”

24. Taste
Kuroko’s tongue flicks out tantalizingly over his lips, licking off the remnants of his lunch, and it takes all of Aomine’s willpower to force his eyes away.

25. Devotion
The first messages from Kise and Kuroko, both asking after her well being in two entirely different ways, were brushed aside as coincidental, but each subsequent call and text made Momoi smile affectionately.

26. Forever
Their fists bump, and the pale-haired boy grins as he feels an unbreakable, unbeatable bond surge through the brief connection, one that he can’t help but thinkknowwill last for life.

27. Blood
There’s blood smudged along the knuckles of his hand, but Aomine mumbles something about “bastard going after Kise” and Momoi only sighs.

28. Sickness
When he sees Kuroko and Aomine standing out on his doorstep, Kise almost closes the door on them, certain that his fever was making him hallucinate.

29. Melody
“You’re all terrible singers,” Aomine says immediately after the three of them stop singing “Happy Birthday to You.”

30. Star
Kise sees stars after Kuroko elbows him in the face, and he dazedly thinks, how romantic.

31. Home
He winds up in front of Kuroko’s apartment one night, going through several poorly delivered excuses before mumbling like a lost, confused five-year-old, “Satsuki isn’t home.”

32. Confusion
One moment the two of them are laughing over trashy gossip, and the next Kise is leaning over to kiss away the tears forming at the corner of her eyes, leaving Momoi breathless and utterly confused.

33. Fear
“I am not afraid of zombies,” Aomine huffs, but much to his chagrin, Kuroko continues to silently shake with laughter while Kise openly guffaws at him in front of everyone at the theatre.

34. Lightning/Thunder
“Satsuki,” Kuroko says slowly, experimentally, rolling the syllables over his tongue, and Momoi feels lightning strike through her heart, thunder boom in her ears, a tumultuous storm screaming with raw emotion inside her mind.

35. Bonds
Even after all these years, Aomine holds a secret belief that a bond forged from pranks involving frogs and flipping skirts is the strongest, sturdiest bond that will ever exist in the history of mankind.

36. Market
“Aomine-kun would make a good housewife; he’d beat everyone in line at supermarket sales.”

37. Technology
The first time he learned how to take pictures on his phone, Kuroko snapped a picture of Momoi mid-yawneyes half closed, mouth wide openand filed it away under “Cats.”

38. Gift
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Aomine says, but his hand still reaches out to tug off the ribbon tied around the blonde’s neck.

39. Smile
Kise develops a new regard for liquor when it transforms Kuroko’s usually stoic expression into a carefree, buoyant one within minutes of consumption.

40. Innocence
Kuroko and Kise aren’t sure if it is socially acceptable or not to tell a girl her feminine care products had been falling out of her bag since a while ago.

41. Completion
On occasions when all four of them are together, Momoi would purposely fall back behind, brimming with pride and joy as she thinks, lips curving up around an ice cream stick, her boys.

42. Clouds
“Ah, your boobs look like those saggy-looking clouds over there.”

43. Sky
Kise looks up at the sky every now and then, sometimes a light, ghostly blue, sometimes a dark and rich hue, or sometimes even streaked through with magenta, and wonders how breathtaking it would be to fly up above surrounded in those colors.

44. Heaven
“I wouldn't mind dying if I get to see Momoi-san with wings every day,” Kuroko says thoughtfully, unaware that he had set off a chain of explosions within her heart.

45. Hell
All he sees is darkness the moment a tan hand easily catches his pass, a mocking smirk haunting him at the back of his mind, and his faith, his willpower, his confidence, everything inside him wavers and cracks.

46. Sun
The moment Kise realizes why his heart twinges every time the smaller boy smiles, the blonde hugs him tightly, inhaling the scent of sweat and sun with a giddy sensation.

47. Moon
“It’s a full moon right now, Aominecchi!” he shouts over the phone, oblivious of the other boy’s groggy groans and curses in his excitement.

48. Waves
When Momoi asks Kuroko to go to the beach with her, Aomine bursts into a fit of laughter at the thought of his teammate being pushed aside and trampled by the entire male population of the beach.

49. Hair
As punishment for twisting his ankle mid-game, Momoi yanks at his hair as she braids it with hot pink bows, a sinister smile appearing on her face as she says sweetly, “The injured shouldn’t struggle so much, Ki-chan.”

50. Supernova
The gym explodes with colorful words and exclamations of pain every time they get into an argument; yet no matter how severe the dispute may be, it is always smoothed over by the time they walk out of the convenience store, wallets lighter and ice cream in hand.


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